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Block Paved Surfaces

One of the most sophisticated designs when it comes to driveway and patio surface is block paving. If you are looking for value and functionality, Leicester Driveway & Patio Pro is at your service. Whether you live in Leicester or the nearby areas, we will cater to your outdoor living needs and build your driveway and patio in the most professional way.

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The installation process

Our driveway and patio contractors will inspect your place for the condition of the ground and to make necessary adjustments and make it ready for the new pavement. They will dig an appropriate depth and ensure that the ground is leveled and no complicated sloping.

But a slight slope is very essential to allow for efficient draining or routing of water to its appropriate drainage. And then edge restraints or borders are laid along with the sub-base so that the desired height or layer is achieved and controlled.

The installation process involved in block paving for driveways is the same with walkways but not patios. Block paving for patios can emulate indoor floors depending on the craftsmanship involved and produced by your builders.

After the sub-base is done, the surface should be screed to lay the foundation for the block pavers. As per industry’s standards, edges of blocks should have contrasting colours that will differentiate blocks from the rest.

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No matter how fancy you want for your driveway and patio surface, you might find delight in the versatility of block paving. It offers a wide range of colour and interlocking designs and texture.

Here are some examples:

Tegula – the tegula or tile-style of blocks can emulate tiles or natural stone. You can have a natural feel of stone when you choose either grey or hazelnut or earth tone look.

Granite – not really granite but an argent block that is man made but offers a contemporary look.

You can play with colours especially if you want to achieve a creative look for your patio by combining different colors and patterns. Patterns can be done in many ways.

Basket weave – for light human traffic, basket weave style is recommended. Pave your patio with basket weave blocks where each piece is laid side by side instead of interlocking.

Herringbone – arranged into rectangles that emulate fish bones, the herringbone style is popular in patio floors and driveway pavement. They may look like zigzag or parallelograms, V-shaped patterns, or twill fabric. Its geometric appeal makes it a sophisticated choice.

Blocks use for pavement have main three types:

  • Clay/Brick – clay bricks are baked in kiln and are the oldest type of paving material used. Clay blocks are manufactured and moulded with special treatment. During the formation, the colour is embedded on the mix to achieve an inherent colour when hardened. Hues of bricks can be grey, brown, red, and other tints.
  • Natural Stone – A highly sustainable material, the natural stone block comes from quarrying, which makes it more affordable and handy. Highly resistant against slip, stone pavers can be cut smoothly by the edge, making them fitting tight against each other and seamless on the top surface.
  • Concrete Block – Concrete block is factory manufactured. Concrete molding is popular in forming blocks made of concrete, which is composed of hardened cement. It also offers diversity in shape, size, texture, and colour. The good thing about concrete is its aesthetic appeal emulates other block pavers.

The type of block you choose will depend on its load-bearing capacity and the amount of foot and vehicle traffic in your home. But basically, all these materials have their own quality and stability that may last for many years.

Choose your driveway carefully

Since the options for driveways or patio surface are many, verify if block paving is good with the kind of weather in your area, as this will have a significant impact in the future. Nevertheless, our team can help you in any way.For further information on what we do and how much can you spend on a tarmac project, care to reach our customer representatives at Leicester Driveway & Patio Pro, and they will lead you to our team of contractors. Place your queries and receive your no-obligation quote now.

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