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There are two types of concrete driveways and patios; stamped and pavers. But before we let you think over and over how these two types fare with another, it is more important to understand what concrete driveways and patios are and why concrete is a good material for your driveway and patio project.

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When planning on a new driveway or a patio addition for your outdoor living, you only want to make your home a welcoming abode. Your decision will depend on which surface material you intend to use. While there are a variety of surfaces available, your choice will be based if your area of residence suits that type of material or if the weather condition will have an impact on the choice you made.

If you want your driveway and patio have concrete as the main surface, you will be tailoring your choice on different factors; costing, maintenance, durability in your area, capability to absorb water if during heavy rains, doesn’t easily crack or break loose, doesn’t fade in a few years, and many more.

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The Stability of Concrete

Driveways built with cement have longer lifespan, say, 30 years and more. While cement, when hardened is highly durable, you can also save money on maintenance.

A concrete surface is easy to clean and easy to repair. But with too much pressure, it can crack underneath. It is likely that concrete breaks loose if pounded with heavy equipment or traffic. But as for driveways that are to be used only by homeowners’ vehicles, human traffic is less problematic.

Major benefits of concrete

  • Environment friendly/sustainable
  • Adds character to your home, especially for patios
  • Admirable water absorption but non-permeable to other damaging elements due to its cohesiveness
  • Patio pavers can be DIYed to save costs
  • Requires little maintenance
  • Suitable for all types of climates
  • Replaceable sections; doesn’t have to redo the entire surface for repairs

Stamped versus Pavers

Poured concrete will make a whole lot of covering. Poured concrete when half done on the surface can be stamped to achieve a decorated look. This is what installers do when you don’t choose pavers. On the other hand, pavers are more favored because they look more versatile and artistic. They genuinely add curb appeal to your driveway and patio.

Concrete pavers have more advantages than stamped, especially regarding the ability to stand well in all climates, drain water fast, and replace when a portion of the surface is damaged. Individual pavers are easier to replace.

Also, brick pavers are more sophisticated amidst their price compared to stamped. And they take a longer time to install as pavers are laid down individually, and you need to have a skilled installer to do the job.

Know more about concrete driveways and patios

Installing a driveway or patio or both can be a daunting and expensive project. But if your property already has a driveway and it needs refurbishing, our skilled installers will be happy to do the makeover. Even so building from plain and old pathways, we can help you find the best driveway for your home.

For further information on what we do and how much can you spend on a concrete project, care to reach our customer representatives at Leicester Driveway & Patio Pro, and they will lead you to our team of contractors.

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