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A driveway and patio addition or a makeover is a fantastic endeavour to improve your proeprty. Once you laid the plan for your long-dreamt project, Leicester Driveway & Patio Pro has wonderful offers available for gravel drives. 

Leicester Driveway & Patio Pro specialises in different patio and driveway surfaces types but we graciously welcome customers to request for bespoke projects, the one that will add delight to your home and will serve you in many ways.

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A gravel driveway and patio is unique in itself. Although there are several surface types to choose from, the gravel as a material has its distinct quality. Whether you choose gravel, we will build it from scratch and offer you a workmanship that you wouldn’t regret.

Gravel is an ideal type of a surface; it is sustainable and environment friendly. Gravel are small rocks or particles of rocks smaller than a cobble.

A driveway and patio, made of gravel is ideal for flood-prone areas. Gravel easily absorbs water and drains it off quickly so you won’t see any standing water or puddles.

Gravel, just the sound of it, is not a cohesive material when looking at each particle. But when bonded together, you will come up with a formidable surface that is suitable for areas with frequent flooding. Due to its high absorbency, it is a perfect catch basin for running water while keeping its integrity no matter the weather condition.

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gravel driveway in Leicester

Gravel driveway installation

The Leicester team would only employ builders with high regard for excellent workmanship. As we have hired professionals in these types of building projects, we understand that every step should be given careful attention and craftsmanship that is based on industry’s standards.

The benefits of driveways and patios using gravel:

  • Cheaper and sustainable
  • Low maintaining cost
  • Highly durable against all kinds of elements
  • Perfect in flood-prone areas
  • Provides a lasting look
Here are the steps involved in laying your gravel driveway and patio:
  • Debris are taken out or dug from the ground using special equipment and tools
  • Establish four short posts that serve as boundaries
  • Attach strings on posts
  • Cover the inside area with gravel not exceeding the boundary
  • Install a perimeter to determine concrete coverage
  • Pour on crusher dust and scree the loose stones to even the surface
  • Lay down the pavers interlocking with one another
  • Pour again gravel over the pavers
  • Flatten the surface to make it solid or compact


Your gravel driveway and patio will last for years depending on day to day activities and amount of human traffic. But it will typically serve for decades if properly maintained.

Harsh weather and unpredictable catastrophes may also harm the integrity of your gravel pavement, leaving some potholes and cracks exposed to further damage. If this is so, ensure that these problems are immediately repaired.

Call our team or talk to our customer representative in case you need assistance on repairs and cleaning. Our staff and builders will be more than happy to assist you.

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