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Driveways and patios built from resin have a concrete base. Resin-bound surface is unique in itself because it possesses an appeal quite different from the rest. Make your driveway and patio look fantastic with resin bound and benefit from the varied usefulness of this material for many years.

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Resin bound, as with other surface types are made from a special mix of resin. Blended with aggregate stones, you will come up with a resin bound surface that is moisture absorbent, thus, with distinct protection against damage.

Aggregates can come from coarse or medium sized grain of sand, gravel, or stone, or even recycled concrete. When mixed together, they will form a sophisticated kind of surface.

By applying resin, the aggregates will become resin bound surface. Without the coating, resin bound will not achieve the expected appearance intended for driveway and patio surfaces.

When you choose resin bound for your patio or driveway, you are not only after its attractiveness but also its usefulness in many ways.

For areas that constantly flood, a resin-bound driveway or patio will quickly absorb water, leaving you no worry of slips and puddles. Especially for patios that are used as extended outdoor living, people often stay in these areas to spend their time and do things that they enjoy.

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If you cannot benefit from a patio that becomes wet all the time (even if you have extended roofing) due to rainwater that doesn’t drain well, your patio will become a headache rather than a worthwhile place.

Resin-bound surfaces are done by mixing aggregate stones to concrete to form a cohesive surface. The small stones are poured over the surface and they serve as the topmost layer in this type of pavement.

The benefits of resin-bound surface 

  • Provides a solid but lasting finish
  • Easy to clean and maintain
  • Quickly drains and dries
  • Slip-resistant due to high friction
  • Durable against vehicle and foot traffic

Resin’s diversity in style

Driveways and patios of resin type are known to have high resistance against damage. Surfaces are usually paved with recycled glass or quartz or any type of pigment that will serve as decorative finish.

With such composition, the resin bound is durable against any kind of weather. Colours won’t fade as the coating will protect them against UV rays. 

If properly maintained, the resin-bound driveway and patio will serve your home for 25 years and more.

Know more about resin-bound paving

Installing a driveway or patio or both can be a daunting and expensive project. A cheaper option could be tarmac or block paving, but if your property already has a driveway and it needs replenishing, our skilled installers will be happy to do the makeover. Even so building from plain and old pathways, we can help you find the best driveway look for your home.

For further information on what we do and how much can you spend on a resin-bound project, care to reach our customer representatives at Leicester Driveway & Patio Pro, and they will lead you to our team of contractors.

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