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Achieve a neatly looking driveway and patio for your property without hurting your pocket .Our tarmac surfacing is probably one of the most affordable driveway and patio projects you can find in Leicester.

If you live in this city of England and even nearby, you can have your place adorned with our tarmac driveway and patio servicing. We have a team of expert builders and contractors that are reliable in their industry to give you the best and well-laden tarmac ground.

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A new entrance, such as your driveway, will have a new look with the tarmacadam materials. Tarmac is essentially attractive on its own and adds curb appeal especially when edged with brick paving or some sort of similar combination. You can always play around with the design by asking our team for sample finished projects.

Tramac can be black or red, but conventional tarmac is black like the colour of tar. But it depends on your preference if you want the colour to match with your wall or roof’s design.

H3>How is tarmac built

The typical process in installing a tarmac driveway or patio is to begin the base with a firm foundation. The ground should have no soft spots to avoid sagging through wear and tear. Our contractors will inspect the ground to which the patio or driveway is to be built and will do some adjusting by reinforcing it with proper ground elements.

The tarmac mix will only be placed when the builder has assured that the base is already stable and hard. A special tarmac mix is then poured over the base until the whole area is covered. When the pouring is over, a roller is now used to flatten and smoothen the surface until it is even.

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Tarmac or tarmacadam is a formidable surface when hardened. It is made of stone aggregates coated with tar. This material possesses high resistance against slips, water, flooding, but offers a lasting finish.

Emulating roads made of tarmacadam, tarmac driveways and patios should withstand foot and vehicle traffic for many years.

Choose your driveway carefully

Planning a driveway or patio addition is a fantastic way to enhance your outdoor living. If you pursue the tarmac choice, you’ll get a whole bunch of benefits, especially that tarmac is low on maintenance, easy to clean, and quick to repair.

Since the options for driveways or patio surface are many, verify if tarmac is good with the kind of weather in your area, as this will have a significant impact in the future. Nevertheless, our team can help you in any way.

If you want your driveway and patio have tarmac as the main surface, you will be tailoring your choice on different factors; costing, maintenance, durability in your area, capability to absorb water if during heavy rains, doesn’t easily crack or break loose, doesn’t fade in a few years, and many more.

For further information on what we do and how much can you spend on a tarmac project, care to reach our customer representatives at Leicester Driveway & Patio Pro, and they will lead you to our team of contractors.

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