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When property owners are more focused on enhancing their outdoor living, they tend to neglect their driveways. Driveways are part of your outdoor space that also needs a makeover. And the thing is, if vehicles are a necessity and so are driveways. Even those homes without cars have their driveways refurbished if the owner has taught their lawn of landscaping, patio paving, decking, fencing, and gates.

First impression matters when it comes to converting your home to be one of the best-looking properties on the block. Making your driveway an attractive part of your home offers a lot of benefits.

Discover how to improve your driveways and let your home stand out in the neighbourhood. Leicester Driveway & Patio Pro will help you upgrade or start from nothing when you decide to work on your driveway project.

For nearly 20 years in the industry, our company has been relentless in keeping our customers looking for the best value in their homes through driveway transformation. We do all kinds of driveway paving, no matter the surface you prefer. 

We build driveways of all kinds: pattern concrete or imprinted concrete; tarmac, gravel, cobblestones, resin bound, and block paving. Our experienced builders will lay your driveway if you live in Leicester or in cities nearby.

Give your home a lift and drive your car in a newly paved driveway. You can also explore how rustic types of surfaces blend with modern architecture. 

Driveway Leicester could be your key to unlocking the beauty of your home and your realization to your long-dreamt driveway makeover.

Get to know the different surfaces for your front yard:

  • Tarmac–made of tarmacadam emulating road surface, commonly coloured black or grey.
  • Concrete–made of cement mixed with gravel and sand; top surface can have patterns or imprints; emulates natural stone.
  • Block paving–made of bricks; natural stone surface; clay; shaped according to your preference, colour combines with block upon manufacture; alternative to granite; can emulate Victorian style homes.
  • Resin bound–elegant-looking turf that emulates sandy beaches; made of cobblestones or stone aggregates; can be laid over tarmac or concrete base; decorative finish is almost endless
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Building your Leicester driveways is a pleasure and a reward in itself. Our driveway contractors are professional people and are engaged in various driveway solutions.

We believe in the philosophy of excellence. But people would always think that something is done excellently and fabulously, there’s a price to pay. We want to debunk this notion. As we continue in this industry we know that the competition is tight because we are not the only one catering to driveways and home improvement projects.

Every customer would always look for value. And that’s what we are doing–value for your money. We have known all along that in order to be successful in our endeavour, we have to please our customers. And the more customers we serve, the more we become fulfilled.

Excellence can only be shown by the end result. Our builders, being certified and experienced, cannot fail you. We execute every project with precision with the assurance that no mess is left behind.

As long as there are homes built, families moving in, engaging to makeovers and new driveway projects, combined with other exterior needs like patio paving, hard landscaping, fencing, retaining walls, and gates, there’s no let up to what we do.

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Your driveway in Leicester would involve few simple steps but only skilled installers can perfect. How do we go over it?

  • You place your call through our hotline and one of our customer service representatives will take all your queries.
  • We do an ocular inspection once you decide to have your place assessed.
  • Our contractors and engineers will evaluate the feasibility of a driveway installation. Ground condition, climate, space, and turf type are some of the major considerations to complete the assessment.
  • If there are permits and documentations involved in your local community, we will help you facilitate these papers as soon as possible.
  • We share the available designs based on our portfolio.
  • When you have decided on the price and design, we proceed to the next step.
  • We begin prepping the ground up to lay the surface.

Once your driveway is built, you expect to maintain it so that you can benefit from it for many years. Untended driveways also have downsides especially when moulds, algae, roots, and weeds have overgrown through time.

If your area is prone to consistent flooding, this too will be given consideration so that engineers will offer a solution what surface type is best for your location.

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Leicester driveway pros ensure that from the first stone to the last brick, all is cast upon to complete your driveway dream. Recent customers can vouch for our reliability and dependability and that we haven’t left any backlog.

Mistakes are inevitable, but we make sure on our end that any of those are ironed out before we wrap up the project.

Competition is tough, and as we are aware of its stiffness, we use it as an inspiration to strive for more.

We value our untainted craftsmanship in everything we do, and without our loyal customers, we wouldn’t be where we are today. We are forever grateful that as we accomplish one driveway to another, it only shows that we are taking the right steps. 

Customers are like our stepping stones instead of stumbling blocks to achieve what has to be gained.

Start looking on the brighter side of your pursuit by beginning to uncover the beauty of your front yard through a new driveway. Drive in and drive out and then feel the pleasure of having something new.

Make your property a good place to get home to, call us now, and receive your no-obligation quote.

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